ATB took on the role Saint Nicholas

The children were given over 400 sweet giftsthe children were given over 400 sweet gifts

On December 19, on the St. Nicholas Day, in Kyiv St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, a grand celebration took place for hundreds of little Ukrainians.

On this day, a number of organizations and companies have joined forces to create a pre-New Year magical mood for children without parental care, children with special needs, young settlers, kids from large families and family-type orphanages, as well as sons and daughters of Ukrainian defenders: the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and ATO participants.

The charitable action "St. Nicholas travels Ukraine", founded by the network "Eleos-Ukraine", except for the monastery itself, was joined by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the creative agency "Territory A" and the ATB Corporation.

Together they gave the children a real miracle. They include performances by famous Ukrainian artists, master classes, and joint singing of Christmas songs. Natalya Yakovenko, a helper of St. Nicholas, has learned a prayer with the participants of the festival. And the holy fathers of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery blessed the children for the next year.

The ATB Corporation acted as a good wizard. It was with its help that the children were given over 400 sweet gifts.

It should be noted that this is not the first experience of participation in such projects of the leader of Ukrainian trade.

For many years, ATB has been cooperating with dozens of charitable foundations and public organizations that provide assistance to veterans, retirees, low-income citizens, large families, people who need emergency medical care, social service centers, etc. In the past 2.5 years alone, ATB Corporation has funded more than a dozen programs of social and charitable assistance totaling over 24 million UAH.

Following in its activities the principles of socially responsible and patriotically-oriented business, the company founded the Charity Foundation "ATB". Its main goal was the comprehensive support of various categories of Ukrainian citizens: ATO fighters and their families, internally displaced persons, elderly people, disabled people.

Such a responsible approach of the Corporation "ATB" deserves respect and support.