The work of the shops of the trading network "ATB" during the military aggression

In the conditions of military aggression, ALL STORES of the ATB trading network WORK in an enhanced mode. Their work schedule is adjusted in accordance with the region and location, as well as taking into account the escalation of hostilities. 

Some stores in cities that are in zones of direct hostilities: Kyiv, Kharkov, Sumy, Chernihiv, – are closed. The company takes such measures to prevent danger to employees and visitors to stores. When the situation stabilizes, they resume their activities.

Shops that are located in the cities of temporary occupation: the city of Melitopol, the city of Berdyansk, as well as in the cities that are blocked by the aggressor, – are also temporarily closed.

Information about temporarily closed stores can be found here: And also in chat-bots of companies and instant messengers Viber and Telegram. Store closure information is updated hourly.

The Company conducts hourly monitoring of the situation in all regions of presence. Also, all the necessary measures are being taken to provide the stores of the ATB trading network with food and essential goods in the maximum volume.