The results of the military week from the Сorporation "ATB"

A week ago, Russian military aggression began. Rocket and artillery strikes hit our sub-units in the east, as well as military command centers and airfields in other regions. Today, full-scale hostilities continue in the north, east and south of our country.

During this week, ATB retail chain stores and ATB group enterprises are working in the most intensive mode. Every effort is being made to provide the population with food and essential goods to the maximum extent possible.

Already done:

- Transport and warehouse logistics of the company is working in an enhanced mode. Given the difficult situation with the delivery of food to cities that are in the zone of direct hostilities, daily work is carried out to find the optimally safe and fast ways to deliver goods to our stores. 

- Introduced a moratorium on raising retail prices. Food prices are held rigidly at pre-war levels. We are constantly working in this direction with suppliers and manufacturers.

- Introduced restrictions on the purchase of products and goods of a social category no more than 2 units per buyer. This move was introduced to minimize the creation of artificial hype and scarcity. 

- In cities with increased military operations – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Nikolaev, pivot stores have been formed to maximize their filling with food and essential goods for residents of these cities. The rest of the stores in these cities are open until the complete sale of existing inventory and stabilization of the situation.

- The company's stores, which are located today in the occupied cities, are closed. Hourly monitoring is carried out on the possibility of their work in case of stabilization of the situation.

- Open basements in those stores that have them, to provide an opportunity for all citizens to hide in them during an air raid. The basements are open during store hours. 

- An opportunity has been introduced for all citizens to withdraw cash up to UAH 6,000 at the cash desks of the shops of the trading network "ATB". You can withdraw cash from a payment card of any bank.

- Mechanisms for additional incentives for store personnel, vehicle drivers, employees of logistics centers who are in dangerous areas of armed conflict and perform their work in super-hard and super-difficult conditions have been introduced.

To date, the entire team of the ATB group of enterprises works 24/7 and is aimed at fulfilling its main task – providing the population with food and essential goods.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Let's stick together!