The company "ATB-Market" withdraws from the sale of alcoholic products in all stores of the trading network "ATB"

From February 28, 2022, the ATB-Market company removes alcoholic products from sale in all stores of the ATB trading network. The company made this decision in connection with the introduction of martial law in the country and to prevent manifestations of looting. 

Recall that earlier the company introduced the sale of goods of a social group of goods of no more than 2 units to one buyer.

To date, the stores of the ATB trading network are working in an enhanced mode. Shops that are in the zone of direct hostilities are closed, but when the situation stabilizes, they continue their work. Action plans have been put in place to ensure the safety of employees at these stores. Hourly monitoring is carried out in all regions of the company's presence.

The ATB-Market company, in the conditions of military aggression, carries out its activities in an enhanced mode, controls the situation and solves the problems of uninterrupted supply of goods. The main efforts of the company today are aimed at fulfilling its main mission - providing the population with food and essential goods.