The company "ATB-Market" systematically supports Ukrainian producers of vegetable products

ATB-Market has become the largest system buyer of domestic vegetables, providing support and predictability to partner farms and specialized farms during the difficult quarantine period in the context of limited sales of products due to the closure of agricultural and food markets.

"ATB-Market Company systematically supports Ukrainian producers of vegetable products by concluding long-term contracts for growing and supplying vegetables and greens to the shelves of ATB retail chains. Thanks to this partnership, local and regional farms and suppliers always have guaranteed predicted sales volumes and can plan their finances due to clear calculations according to the concluded contracts".

Borys Markov, CEO of ATB Corporation

At present, stabilization of the situation on the market is already observed: after the debugging of the logistics processes under the conditions of a nationwide quarantine and a decline in the rush demand for food and vegetables, their supply has increased significantly.

The company "ATB-Market" daily buys more than 300 tons of vegetable products from partner farms and suppliers.

Today, such seasonal vegetables are purchased from Ukrainian producers:

  • early cabbage in assortment (60-70 t/day);

  • radish (50-60 t/day);

  • zucchini (10-15 t/day);

  • greenhouse products (cucumbers, tomatoes 100-150 t/day);

  • fresh greens (7-8 t/day);

  • vegetables of borsch set.

The company "ATB-Market" is open to proposals from domestic farmers and specialized farms for cooperation in the purchase and sale of vegetable products. Letters of proposal can be sent to the following addresses:

Reference. ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian companies operating in such business areas as asset management, retail, food production and sale. The corporation includes the retail company ATB-Market, the April confectionery factory, and the Favorite Plus meat factory. The flagship of the corporation's business is the ATB retail chain. As of May 7, 2020, the ATB retail chain has 1109 stores in 24 regions, 284 settlements of Ukraine. The company shows the highest growth rates in Ukraine over the past 10 years. Every day, more than 4 million residents make purchases at ATB. ATB Corporation enterprises employ more than 66 thousand people.