The company "ATB-Market" removes the trade margin on a certain category of essential food

The company "ATB-Market" removes the trade margin on certain categories of food essentials since 10.04.2020. 

In particular, we are talking about such products as: cereals, pasta, flour, sunflower oil, butter, milk, eggs and vegetables. A detailed list of products for which the trade margin has been removed can be found on the company's  official website.

Sales of products without a trade margin will be carried out for the period of quarantine or restrictive measures established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. 

Such a decision is a principled and socially responsible position of the company about the need to provide all customers of ATB chain stores with food and essential goods at affordable and fair prices.

We note that today the stores of the ATB retail chain are provided with goods of all categories in full. The company has a sufficient amount of stocks in warehouses and distribution centers to ensure consumer demand in the event of its increase.

Currently, the ATB-Market company has removed all restrictions on the purchase of goods in one hand for visitors to the stores of the ATB retail chain in all regions of Ukraine. The company has also renewed its promotional activities and offers its customers weekly discounts on more than 600 items.

The company makes every effort to minimize the increase in prices for products and essential goods, transparently and openly informs the public about the pricing situation in the domestic retail market.