The ATB-Market Сompany switches over to the packages with biodegradable supplement

Improving the environmental situation in the country is part of the company's strategy

Since April 2019, ATB-Market has been switching over to the implementation of packages with a biodegradable supplement in the stores of the ATB retail chain. The company began testing this technology at the end of 2018 at a limited number of stores, and is ready to replicate this environmental initiative to all stores of the network.

The special addition of d2w ™ acts on the carbon compounds of the polymer, as a result of which, after a certain time interval, they are destroyed, activating the splitting of the polymer. The product made of it becomes fragile and quickly breaks into tiny flakes. The process of decomposition of the polymer is caused by any combination of high temperature, light and pressure, acting as catalysts and determining the rate and, accordingly, the time of decomposition.

“The introduction of advanced technologies and practices that currently exist in the field of retail trade is one of the fundamental principles for the development of the ATB retail chain. The leading direction in the activities of ATB-Market is the introduction of energy-saving and environmental solutions in the modernization of the retail business”.

Socially responsible business management is one of the priorities of ATB Corporation. Programs aimed at solving environmental problems, improving the environmental situation in the city, around the country are an integral part of the company's strategy. ATB Corporation encourages other retailers to join this environmental initiative and make their contribution to the preservation of the country's ecology.