The ATB-Market Company is forced to raise prices for food and goods of prime necessity

The ATB-Market Company is forced to raise prices for food and goods of prime necessity. This situation is associated with a rapid increase in retail prices of suppliers, not only for the ATB distribution network, but also for all operators of the Ukrainian retail market. In particular, the products of the so-called borsch package (potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots) rose in price by 35-128%, sugar by 8%, pasta by 9.5%, wheat grits by 11%, buckwheat by 51%, flour by 5%, eggs by 6%. Suppliers explain the increase in the cost of goods by a significant increase in production costs associated with quarantine measures and restrictions, as well as with changes in prices for imported components of the goods cost (due to the depreciation of hryvnia).

Following the principles of a socially responsible business, ATB Corporation in the conditions of a nationwide quarantine works exclusively at the minimum margin, earning not on the price of the goods, but on the volume of its sale. To maintain the stable operation of 1,095 stores of the ATB retail chain and the formation of inventories, today the company is forced to put on the shelves goods actually at suppliers' prices. 

Currently, ATB Corporation is making effort to minimize the increase in prices by suppliers, and also maintains a minimum mark-up for Ukrainian retail at a margin on manufactured goods - not more than 10-15% of the purchase price.  

We note that today the stores of the ATB retail chain are provided with goods of all categories in full. The company has a sufficient amount of stocks in warehouses and distribution centers to ensure consumer demand in the event of its increase. 

In the context of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 and the announcement of a nationwide quarantine, ATB Corporation operates in an enhanced mode in all regions of Ukraine. 

Starting from March 11, ATB Corporation, with the goal of taking care of the health of shop visitors and employees, introduced a number of additional sanitary and hygiene measures in all stores, distribution centers and offices of the company.