Social adaptation of ATO veterans

American psychologist conducted training for ATO veterans and their families

With the support of ATB Corporation for ATO participants, veterans, and their family members, in the middle of November, the training of the world-famous American psychologist Frank Pucelik was held.

The training was organized for ATO participants by Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, public organization “Prostir lyudyny” and public organization “European Generation”.

As part of the training, the creator of the methodology and program for the rehabilitation of war participants, which are now used in different countries of the world, spoke about the key points in the social adaptation of veterans - how to transform the inner strength gained from the war into personal success. Frank Pucelik also talked about the psychology of battle, about how a person changes after the war: his perception of the world, priorities, relationship with others.

The participants of the training not only learned how to help themselves, but also how to support friends, those who are experiencing a crisis, isolating themselves and disengaging themselves from the family.