Official statement of the Corporation "ATB"

Dear compatriots, colleagues, partners!

Since this morning, the enemy has begun intensive shelling of our units in the east, as well as military command centers and airfields in other regions. Currently, the Ukrainian army is holding the line and is rebuffing the Russian troops. Our military is doing everything to protect you and not give the aggressor a chance to break through.

Under the current conditions, the ATB corporation is working in the most enhanced and mobilized mode. The stores of the ATB trading network are supplied with goods of all categories in full. The company has a sufficient amount of product balances to meet consumer demand when it increases. The logistics and transport infrastructure of the company is under personal control. 

The company's management has developed appropriate action plans in case of an aggravated situation, primarily in areas of direct armed conflict. The created operational headquarters is working, time-based monitoring of events is being carried out. Additional enhanced security measures have been introduced regarding the possible necessary evacuation of company employees. 

We appeal to all our customers, colleagues and partners: stay calm and do not panic! The situation is under control, but our army needs support now more than ever. Your peace of mind and confidence in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the best help!

We will promptly inform the situation.

Glory to Ukraine!