In the year of the anniversary of Ukraine's independence ATB Corporation will donate 30 hectares of forests to six regions of the country

In the anniversary year for independent Ukraine, ATB Corporation, within the framework of social and environmental projects, will donate 30 hectares of forests to six regions of the country.

As part of this eco-action, new forests will be planted in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Lugansk and Nikolaev regions during October-November, and the eco-initiative of ATB Corporation will be aimed at restoring forest plantations in Kherson and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. In total, it is planned to plant more than 180,000 seedlings and tree seedlings during the specified period.

«Our development strategy has always been based on the principles of socially responsible business conduct. From the very beginning of our activity, and our company is the same age as the formation of independent Ukraine, we have planned and systematically introduced social eco-projects aimed at supporting and strengthening the eco-system of our country.

In Ukraine today, unfortunately, we are witnessing a catastrophic decrease in the area of green spaces, forests, perishing at the hands of "black" lumberjacks or from the elements. The ATB Corporation decided to make its own contribution to compensate the country for these losses - 30 hectares of forest will appear in Ukraine on the 30th anniversary of independence. Thanks to this eco-initiative, in October-November, Ukrainian forestry districts of six regions will be able to plant hectares of new forests».
Borys Markov, General Director of ATB Corporation

Eco-initiative of ATB Corporation to create 30 hectares of forests in the thirtieth anniversary of Ukraine's independence will be implemented jointly by the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine.

«Today Ukrainian eco-consciousness is growing exponentially! It is nice to see how socially responsible business is joining the increase in forest cover in our country.

Foresters plant about 200 million trees on their own every year. As part of the President's initiative, the "Green Country" should plant even more: 1 billion new forests in three years, and over the next 10 years to increase the forest area by 1 million hectares. This is an ambitious but realistic plan. We invite everyone to join this project. The future of Ukraine is in the hands of each of us».
Yuriy Bolokhovets, Chairman of the State Forestry Agency of Ukraine

Reference. ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian enterprises operating in the field of retail trade, asset management, production and sale of food products. The enterprises of the ATB corporation provide jobs for over 70 thousand employees.