In the first quarter of 2019, ATB Corporation paid 2.76 billion UAH of taxes

1.7 billion UAH were directed to the state budget

According to the final results of work in the first quarter of this year, the enterprises of the ATB Group paid taxes and fees, taking into account customs duties and ERUs, for a total ammount of 2.76 billion UAH. 1.7 billion UAH of which were directed to the state budget, 0.61 billion UAH - to local budgets of various levels, 0.45 billion UAH - to target funds. 

The tax result of ATB-Market LLC was 2.01 billion UAH of taxes and collateral paid, 1.22 billion UAH of which was transferred to the state budget, 0.46 billion UAH – to local budgets, 0.33 billion UAH – to trust funds.

According to Borys Markov, General Director of ATB Corporation, over the past years the company has steadily increased the amount of taxes and fees paid to budgets of different levels that is the result of the high dynamics of the trading network and turnover development. In 2018 it amounted to 103, 9 billion UAH (VAT included), which is 22% more than in 2017.

For several years, ATB Corporation, according to the State Financial Service, has been in the top 10 of the largest tax payers in the wholesale and retail trade of Ukraine. In 2018, ATB Corporation brought the total amount of deductions to 9.4 billion UAH, whereas a year earlier it was 6.58 billion UAH. 

Reference. ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian enterprises that operate in such business areas as retail, asset management, production and food sale. 64 thousand employees work at the enterprises of the ATB Corporation.