In 2021, the number of employees in the ATB Corporationincreased to more than 75 thousand

Last year, 5.9 thousand new jobs were created at the enterprises of the ATB Corporation, which is almost 10% more than in 2020. Thus, the Corporation currently  work more than 75,000 people, making it one of the largest employers in Ukraine. 

The vast majority of jobs are created on the basis of 118 new stores opened in 2021. Including in small towns and villages, which is of great social importance and strengthens the financial capacity of local communities in difficult conditions of coronavirus restrictions and other challenges, said Borys Markov, CEO of "ATB-Market".

The company believes that the role of the leader of the Ukrainian retail market obliges to demonstrate high standards of social responsibility, and the new reality requires a quick and effective response, finding new, integrative solutions to existing problems in the labor market.

“Last year surpassed all previous challenges combined: the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic, inflationary market fluctuations, growing international tensions, etc., which affected the economic performance of market participants, consumer sentiment. But we must keep under control the situation of stable supply of food and consumer goods. This is a great achievement of the 75,000-strong staff of the Corporation, which we are proud of”.  
Borys Markov, CEO of “ATB-Market”

Reference. ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian enterprises operating in such areas of business as retail, asset management, production and sale of food, provision of services in the field of sports and recreation. ATB Corporation has more than 75,000 employees.