In 2018, ATB Corporation created 6 thousand new jobs

The number of employees of the enterprise has already exceeded 60 thousand people

The corporation has been demonstrating high rates creating new vacancies over the years. According to Borys Markov, General Director of ATB-Market, the process of opening new stores and reconstructing existing ones requires increased attention to personnel training.

In 2018, ATB Corporation opened 80 new discounters, and also reconstructed 41 more stores, which made it possible to employ more than 6 thousand people. Due to this, today the number of employees of the enterprise has already exceeded 60 thousand people. Their training and professional development are carried out by their own training centers, whose activities are also expanding every year.

In the conditions of large-scale departure of qualified workers abroad, new tasks have arisen. Therefore, one of the central places in the work of the corporation, along with the issues of selection, professional training, career growth and employee motivation, are the problems of modernizing all levels of industrial cooperation, increasing productivity and efficiency of employees, noted Borys Markov.

ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian enterprises operating in such business areas as retail, asset management, production and sale of food products. More than 60 thousand employees work at the enterprises of the ATB Corporation.