Dear our customers!Dear countrymen, compatriots!

We are going through difficult times. Military aggression continues in our country, shells are exploding, cities and villages are being destroyed, civilians and children are dying. In these times, we need to rally and join forces around the main task – to help those who need it in the first place!   

In the current difficult conditions, ATB Corporation is making every effort to provide all our citizens with food. If possible, fill the stores with everything that they really need today. 

Today there are goods in warehouses. The supply situation is stable. There is an enhanced work of all chains of our transport and warehouse logistics for its delivery to stores.

But! We appeal and invite you!

Refrain from unnecessary purchases in those cities and regions where there are no hostilities today. 

Do not complicate the work of our logistics, which is already operating at maximum capacity!

Give the opportunity to deliver goods in full to those regions where direct military clashes are taking place today!

Simple and extremely important things today!

Let's work together to provide our citizens with food where they need it most as soon as possible!   

Let's unite and act together!