Company messages about the fire of the central office of the ATB corporation in the city of Dnipro

On January 22, 2022, at 14:07, a fire occurred in the central office of the ATB corporation, located at the address: Dnipro city, O. Polya Avenue, 40. The State Emergency Service was urgently called to the scene of the fire, about 57 rescuers worked. At 4:20 p.m., the fire was finally extinguished.

As a result of the fire, none of the employees of the office was injured! At the time of the fire, there was only a security team on duty, hotline personnel, IT services and a number of departments in the office. All of them managed to evacuate in time.

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According to preliminary data, the seat of the fire. was the faulty equipment of the restaurant "Palmira", located on the first floor of the building. More detailed information will be obtained upon the conduct of operational and investigative actions.

Currently, all processes and services are running normally. There may be interruptions in communication with partners and counterparties, but the company's specialists are already working on their elimination.

Odoo CMS - велика картинка
Odoo CMS - велика картинка

An operational headquarters has been set up. Issues of the schedule and provision of office workers with jobs are being resolved. They will be closed soon.

This event did not affect the activities of the stores of the ATB retail chain in any way. Provision of food products to customers takes place according to the planned schedule.

ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian enterprises operating in the field of retail trade, asset management, production and sale of food products. The flagship of the corporation's business is the ATB retail chain.
As of January 23, 2022, the ATB retail chain has 1317 stores in 351 settlements of 24 regions of Ukraine. The company shows the highest rates of development in Ukraine for the last 10 years. More than 4 million Ukrainians shop at ATB every day.