ATB retail chain has reached another milestone

Which made it possible to create 7 thousand new work places

ATB Corporation continues the notable expansion of its retail chain. On the New Year’s eve the 900th store was opened, and during 2017 78 new discounter stores were added to the existing retail chain. Which made it possible to create 7 thousand new work places.

At the same time, the Corporation pays particular attention to expanding its presence in the new locations - in the Western regions of Ukraine, in Odesa region and in the capital city of our country. 46 stores, except of those launched during 2017, are located in the Western regions of Ukraine.

As on the beginning of January 2018, the ATB retail chain comprised 917 stores located in 237 cities and towns of 22 regions of Ukraine.

Management of the Corporation pursues an ambitious goal – to launch over 100 new stores by the end of the current year and, therefore, to pass a milestone of 1,000 POS. The retail chain expansion shall be implemented on the basis of the new concept of the stores which combines the most modern European technologies, concepts and best practices of the discounter stores format development.

Reference data. ATB Corporation is a group of large Ukrainian-based companies operating in areas such as retail trade, assets management, grocery business, sports and leisure services. Over 50 thousand employees work at the enterprises of ATB Corporation.