ATB-Market has launched Scan&Go technology using the "Scans Buy" mobile application

The mobile application "Scans Buy" allows the buyer of ATB chain stores not to stand in line at the checkout, but to make a purchase on their own: select a product, add it to the mobile application basket by scanning the product barcode. Then pay for the selected product with a card in the application and show the consultant at the exit information about the selected products and their payment.

«Our development strategy is based on the interests and needs of our client, who is considered to be a business partner at ATB. We systematically approach the issues that are important for more than four million of our customers - comfort, convenience, guaranteed quality and affordable price. We succeed in effectively solving these problems thanks to the introduction of modern innovative solutions, the creation of additional client services. The implementation of Scan&Go technology not only significantly saves our client's time, but also minimizes possible risks in the face of a worsening epidemiological situation in the country».
Borys Markov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of ATB Corporation

The «Scans Buy» application was developed by the fin-tech company EasyPay. According to Alexey Avramenko, СЕО and so-founder fin-tech company EasyPay, the new service radically change the buying mood:

 “Shopping in the “Scans Buy” app is completely independent, safe and comfortable”.

How does "Scan Buy" work?

Upon entering the store, the app will prompt you to turn on Bluetooth and GPS. The buyer scans the barcode of the product, goes to the shopping cart and selects the card with which he wants to pay for purchases. When buying alcohol, the store consultant must confirm the age of the buyer.

After payment, the buyer shows the QR in his smartphone to the consultant. If desired, asks the consultant to give him a paper check. Purchase history with dates and amounts is also available in the application.

At present, Scan&Go technology is still available to customers of 10 ATB stores in the following cities: 
Dnipro, ave. A. Fields, 40;
Dnipro, A. Fields Ave., 7;
Dnipro, bul. Star, 3;
Kyiv, st. Academician Tupolev, 15;
Kyiv, st. Maxim Krivonos, 29;
Kyiv, st. Shchusev, 10;
Kyiv, st. Sormovskaya, 13;
Kyiv, Goloseevsky Ave., 128;
Kyiv, Valery Lobanovsky Ave., 119;
Odesa, st. Academician Korolev, 15.

Найближчим часом компанія планує масштабувати її і на магазини інших регіонів.

ReferenceATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian companies operating in such business areas as asset management, retail, food production and sale. The corporation includes the ATB-market retail company, the April confectionery factory, and the Favorit Plus meat factory. The flagship of the corporation's business is the ATB retail chain.

As of September 4, 2020, the ATB retail chain has 1150 stores in 24 regions, 298 settlements of Ukraine. The enterprise shows the highest rates of development in Ukraine for the last 10 years. More than 4 million Ukrainians make daily purchases at ATB.