ATB-Market expanded its retail network to 127 new stores in 2020

ATB Corporation has maintained and strengthened its leading position in the Ukrainian retail market during the coronavirus epidemic. In 2020, 127 new stores were opened, which is 39 stores more than a year ago. In accordance with the company's development strategy, special attention was paid to the reconstruction of existing retail facilities - in 2020, 59 stores in different regions of Ukraine were overhauled using modern European technologies. This is also higher than in 2019, when the reconstruction was carried out in 41 stores.

That’s why compared to 2019 the total network of trade enterprises "ATB-Market" has increased by more than 11 percent and is 1201 stores. The geography has significantly expanded: ATB stores are currently located in 306 settlements, while in 2019 the retail network was represented in 274 settlements in 24 regions of Ukraine.

The long-term expansion of ATB Corporation's sales network is based on a long-term strategy developed by the management, which combines the growth of quantitative indicators with the introduction of advanced world technologies, concepts and practices of discounter format development, as well as work on recruitment, training and motivation.  

"Even in the extreme conditions of quarantine restrictions, serious deformations of logistics chains, we did not abandon the implementation of the tasks - and succeeded".
Borys Markov, CEO of "ATB-Market" 

Reference. ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian enterprises operating in such areas of business as retail trade, asset management, production and sale of food, provision of services in the field of sports and recreation. ATB Corporation has more than 68,000 employees.