ATB expands the geography of food delivery to the de-occupied and front-line regions of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the new year, the company "ATB-market" has started scaling up the project of delivering food and essential goods to the de-occupied and front-line regions of Ukraine – the territories of the Kherson and Donetsk regions. Delivery of necessary goods is carried out through branches of available postal operators, for which another postal operator – Nova Poshta – was additionally added to the project. Now the company's clients can choose any branch of both Ukrposhta and NP to receive the necessary goods.

As of today, the geography of food and household goods delivery from the stores of the "ATB" retail chain to the post offices of the de-occupied territories has increased – it exceeds 150 settlements of Kharkiv region, Donetsk region and Kherson region. The list of settlements is constantly updated and expanded:

At the end of last year, the ATB-market company started a large-scale project to deliver food and essential goods to support the local population of the liberated and front-line regions of the country, and to help people restore their lives and return to their usual peaceful standard of living.

The starting region for the implementation of the project was the liberated Kharkiv Region, which suffered significant destruction during hostilities and during a long period of devastating occupation. The company, in partnership with Ukrposhta, organized the delivery of the most necessary provisions through the office of the postal operator. The entire process from ordering products in the ATB online store to receiving them at the post office took an average of two to five working days. 

The process of ordering and receiving a grocery package is almost identical to a regular purchase in the ATB online store. You only need to do four simple steps:

1. Choose a settlement on the website (in the selection form), for example, Izyum, Chornobayivka, Slovyansk...

2. We fill our basket, choose a delivery service and complete the order.

3. The ATB store promptly collects the order and transfers it to the courier service.

4. We receive the parcel at a branch of Ukrposhta or Nova Poshta and pay for delivery. 

The weight of each order can be from 10 to 100 kg, depending on the department to which the delivery is selected and the delivery service. You can track the shipment in real time in the same way as with ordinary parcels, because after registration, the TTN number will be indicated in your personal account.