ATB Corporation is increasing its sales volume of its own production

The share of own trademark (VTM) production in the total turnover of ATB Corporation during nine months of the current year was 17.5%, and taking into account its own import - 20.6%. These indicators exceed the results for the same period last year by 15.8% and 18.1% respectively, reported in the ATB Corporation.

Currently, the company has four own trademarks: TM "De Luxe Foods & Goods Selected", TM "Special Order" ATB ", TM" Its line ", TM" Smart choice "of different price categories, which are targeted at target groups of consumers. Out of the total assortment of the network (more than 3500 positions) 900 names are goods of ATB Corporation's own trademarks.

This year, the company increased the list of innovative products in the category "fresh", increased the line of dairy and sausage products of TM "Special Order "ATB", updated the premium range of TM "De Luxe Foods & Goods Selected”. According to the Chairman of the Board, CEO of the Corporation ATB Borys Markov, expansion of the existing network and creation of new own brands corresponds to the overall strategy of the company development, implementation of European standards of quality of goods and services in the Ukrainian retail market.

Reference. ATB Corporation is an association of large Ukrainian companies operating in such business areas as retail, asset management, food production and sales, sports and leisure services. More than 64 thousand employees work at the enterprises of ATB Corporation.