ATB Corporation increased sales volume by one third: 2017 performance

2017 performance

The group of companies integrated into ATB Corporation keep demonstrating high growth rate and retain their leading positions on commodities turnover in the trade industry.

The retail chain turnover for 2017 comprised 80.2 billion UAH (VAT included) which is 37% higher than the financial results of the 2016 year. As the result of both the general growth of the number of the points of sale, and the innovative redesign of the ATB stores format by way of introducing the most modern solutions in the industries of retail trade, construction and efficient power consumption.  

In 2017, 78 new discounter stores were added to the ATB retail chain, 46 of which are situated in the Western regions of Ukraine. ATB Corporation, therefore, keeps its steady movements towards achieving the figures of the pre-crisis level.

Reference data. ATB Corporation is a group of large Ukrainian-based companies operating in areas such as retail trade, assets management, grocery business, sports and leisure services. Over 50 thousand employees work at the enterprises of ATB Corporation.