A national charity event for children with cancer starts on November 1

For the second year in a row, the ATB All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation, with the participation of the ATB-Market company, is involved in helping children with cancer and is holding a charitable campaign “It concerns me! And you?" By buying special charitable goods and goods of partners in ATB stores, Ukrainians help raise funds to help children with cancer – wards of the Tablettochki Foundation.

Every year in Ukraine, cancer is diagnosed in 1000 children. Only 50-60% recover. In European countries, the survival rate is over 80%. In order to change Ukrainian statistics and provide timely high-quality treatment, so that as many of these children win as possible, it is necessary to unite the efforts of the entire country. 

“You are a star when you help children” – this is the slogan of the largest charity event this fall. You don't have to be a star, philanthropist, or famous person to help. It is easy to become in line with such people even while doing everyday activities. For example, when buying groceries at the supermarket. 

“High-quality and effective charity, in our convincing opinion, can only be systematic. That is why for the second year now we have been uniting with the Tablettochki Foundation to implement the most important mission – helping children with cancer. This time it is even more ambitious with the involvement of a wide range of partners and like-minded people. As evidenced by the results of last year's action, only by rallying, only by joining forces, we can achieve maximum results for help and support to those who need it most urgently. Today, each of us can become a star simply by helping children”. 
Sergii Demchenko, director of the ATB All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation

Everyone can take part in the action: customers in ATB stores are offered to buy charitable goods: small chocolate, gummy candies, jelly candies, wet wipes, a set of stickers, chocolate bars, a reusable glass for drinks. There are also partner goods in the hall marked with a special price tag. The profit from the sales of charitable goods minus taxes and 50 kopecks from the goods of partners will go to the treatment of children with cancer – the wards of the Tablettochki Foundation.

“This action is very special for me. After all, it unites the whole country and shows how important the participation of each person is. The promotion shows how easy and simple it is to do good even when shopping in a supermarket. Together with you, we are bringing closer a future where not a single Ukrainian child dies of cancer. It concerns us”. 
Svitlana Pugach, director of the Tablettochki Foundation for Strategic Partnerships, emphasizes

The charity event is supported by 13 famous Ukrainians: Oleg Vynnyk, Olga Sumska, Natalia Mogylevska, Anna Trincher, Bogdan Sheludyak, Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Jerry Heil, Olya Polyakova, Volodymyr Ostapchuk, Zlata Ognevich, DZIDZIO, KAZKA, Anna. 

The campaign covers more than 1200 stores throughout the country and attracts the participation of Ukrainians in all regions. You can buy charitable goods and help children with cancer from November 1 to November 30, 2021.

Last year, thanks to this action, children in 10 cancer centers in Ukraine received assistance for more than 10 million hryvnias. The report and information about the 2020 promotion can be  found here

Partners of the charity event: Leo Burnett Ukraine advertising agency, full cycle video production Contrabas video production, OMD Media Group media agency, FFFACE.ME agency, WhyNot? Enot.

"Tablettochki" is a charitable foundation that has been helping children with cancer in Ukraine for 10 years. The Foundation works in four areas: targeted assistance to families, systemic assistance to children's cancer departments, protection of children's rights and professional development of medical personnel. Monthly in the care of the fund 500 families and 21 oncology departments throughout Ukraine. During the work of the fund, more than 5,000 families received targeted assistance.

The charitable organization “All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund ATB” was founded in 2017. The main goal of the fund is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to various segments of the population: ATO/JFO soldiers and their families, internally displaced persons, pensioners, people with disabilities, large families, children in need of urgent treatment.

During the work of the fund, several all-Ukrainian charitable programs have been carried out: "Tree of Life", "Philanthropist", "Candy of Good", etc., aimed at targeted support and assistance to children's medical institutions in Ukraine. As part of the implementation of these programs, the fund donated modern medical equipment and necessary consumables worth more than 7 million hryvnias to regional children's hospitals.

The ATB-market company manages the largest chain of grocery stores in Ukraine “ATB”, which today has more than 1200 stores in all regions of the country. More than 4 million customers pass through the chain's stores every day.