National charitable project 'NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S FATE'

The project involves about 30 families

National charitable project 'NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S FATE' is one of the humanitarian projects that have been implemented by ATB Corporation recently. 

It is aimed at delivering targeted humanitarian aid to the families of Ukrainian fighters that lost their primary or sole income earner in ATO and to large families.

Our joint efforts with ELEOS-Ukraine LLC and Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate resulted in the creation of current database of the project participants and the system for provisioning them with targeted humanitarian aid through ATB grocery store chain. Today, about 30 families take part in the project, and a number of participants is sure to scale up.

The project is implemented by providing monthly aid (a family grocery pack with the items that are important to the family) to each participant family in the local store of ATB retail chain it is assigned to.


According to 2017 data, 765 ATB Corporation employees were mobilized for active service.

During ATO, 10 corporation employees got killed, 6 employees were wounded.

Over the past 2.5 years, ATB Corporation financed more than 12 aid programs to the amount of more than 24 million UAH. ATB Corporation undertakes joint projects with the Civil-Military Cooperation Division of the Operational Command East, Association of Wives and Mothers of Soldiers Participating in ATO, ATO participants, and Unions of ATO veterans.

Monthly 200 thousand UAH worth of food is distributed to the forward positions.