Vectors Of Growth In The Ukrainian Food Retail Market

ATB Corporation continues to intensively increase its sales network

Difficult times have started for food retail professionals for choosing a development strategy between traditional approaches and innovations. On the one hand, the market demonstrates the growth of commodity turnover, increase in income, expansion of the trading network, etc. – an argument in favor of supporters of the old approaches. On the other hand, it is impossible not to take into account the factor of changes in consumer sentiment, which are becoming more flexible under the influence of various challenges and new trends.

Discretion and economy in the choice of goods, and at the same time the desire to get the maximum quality of products and services for the lowest price are characteristic features of the mass behavior of customers today. An absolutely new factor in influencing the food market was the active use of social networks by consumers. 

In such a situation, ATB Corporation took care of the development of a marketing strategy that successfully combined all these factors in advance. In the opinion of Borys Markov, General Director of ATB-Market, the first results are in favor of the chosen approach.

ATB Corporation continues to intensively increase its sales network, having almost doubled the pace of commissioning of new discounters. Since the beginning of 2018, the company has already opened 48 new stores, 21 of which are in the West and 12 of them are in the Southern regions of the country. It is important to note that 91 stores were opened in the updated design. Now the ATB trade network has 958 stores in 246 locations in 22 regions of Ukraine.

One of Ukraine’s largest logistics infrastructures is involved in the ATB group of companies, which includes 8 modern multi-temperature distribution centers of category “A”, with a total area of 133 thousand square meters. By 2020, the corporation plans to launch two new distribution centers in Lviv and Odessa regions. 

The share of ATB-Market LLC in the total retail turnover of retail enterprises in Ukraine in first three months of 2018 was almost 15.9%, which is 1.9% more than last year and has a steady upward trend. Over the year, the growth in consumer demand in physical and monetary terms was 6% and 5%,  and the average check amount also increased by 16%.

The turnover of the trading network ATB for the first half of 2018 amounted to 48.4 billion UAH (VAT included). This is a result of both the general growth in the number of trade enterprises and the experimental update of the format of the ATB store, notes Borys Markov.