The main trends in the change in consumer demand in the food retail market of Ukraine

The average check amount increased by 16%

According to experts of the food retail market, the leading trend of the industry this year is the reorientation of consumers to discount formats. On the one hand, this is due to financial problems that are currently experiencing the majority of the population. However, on the other hand, there is reason to believe that certain changes have taken place in the consumer community, a kind of minimizing trend is spreading. The buyer has become more thoughtful and economical in choosing a product, while striving to get the maximum quality at the lowest price.

In the current situation, ATB Corporation, thanks to a developed marketing strategy for development, not only did not lose customers, but was able to increase their number. According to the company's research, there is a tendency to increase the number of goods in the check, while the average cost of goods with inflation also increases. The analysis showed that for the period from April 2017 to April 2018, the growth in consumer demand in physical and monetary terms was 6% and 5%,  and the average check amount increased by 16%.

A positive signal is also the presence of a trend of some growth in the share of goods of the middle price segment in the total turnover of the ATB network. All this, one way or another, affects the total turnover of the enterprise, which affects the amount of taxes and fees, the overall dynamics of development.

In 2017, the trade turnover of the ATB retail chain exceeded the indicators for 2016 by 37%, in amount to about 80.2 billion UAH (VAT included). The total amount of taxes and fees paid by the ATB group of companies was over UAH 6.5 billion, which was 30.3% more than in 2016. This trend continues in the current year.

At the same time, ATB Corporation continues to intensively expand its sales network, having almost doubled the pace of commissioning of new discounters. Since the beginning of 2018, the company has already opened 41 new stores, whereas in 2017 there were 78 of them. Thus, at this time, 951 retail outlets in Ukraine are operating in 246 locations across the country. The company continues to firmly hold the leading position in the trade industry of Ukraine.