Main grocery retail trends

The introduction of advanced technologies, concepts and practices is a new trend in the development of the discounter format

One of the fundamental principles for the development of the ATB trade network is active investment in advanced technologies, the introduction of innovative concepts and practices.

As the experience of European retail shows, the introduction of advanced technologies, concepts and practices is a new trend in the development of the discounter format. Along with such European leaders as Lidl, Aldi, ATB Corporation considers this direction as the leading one in its investment activity. The food retail industry is on the verge of profound changes.

At ATB Corporation several projects like this are being carried out at the same time. Work was carried out to modernize the stores of the trading network. Updated “ATB” is a kind of experimental platform, where modern solutions are introduced in the field of retail, construction and energy saving. The ATB stores have the latest format of refrigeration and freezing equipment, the newest lighting system built on the basis of LED technologies, the technologies of heat insulation, heating and energy recovery, which reduce up to 70% of the heating costs.

Since November 2017, the ATB retail chain has launched a pilot project on using self-service cash registers technology. The project tests the use of NCR SelfServ Checkout self-checkout. NCR is a leading global manufacturer of equipment in the field of banking, retail and information technology solutions, which accounts for more than 75% of the market.

One of the largest logistics infrastructures in Ukraine is involved in the ATB group of companies, which includes 8 modern multi-temperature distribution centers of category “A” with a total area of 133 thousand square meters. Warehouse management is carried out with the help of an information system (WMS), a yard management system (YMS), as well as advanced technologies for controlling the quality of goods handling, which provide a comprehensive solution to the problems of automating the management of warehouse processes. They allow to reduce the cost of intra-warehouse processing of goods and its delivery, to increase control over the implementation of warehouse operations and to limit the influence of the human factor on warehouse logistics processes.

The plans of the ATB Corporation in 2018 put into operation at least 100 new, as well as the redesign of 50 existing stores. The company aims to actively develop its network in the Western and Southern regions of Ukraine, as well as in Kyiv.