Borys Markov: ATB Corporation has confidently started the year 2019 with new ideas

With the transition to packages with a biological additive, ATB-Market introduced eco-bags and paper bags to the market

The results of work of enterprises that are part of the ATB Corporation in the first quarter of 2019, indicate a steady performance indicator increase in all areas of activity. The company opened 25 new stores, thus breaking a record of one thousand trading enterprises. As of May, the ATB trade network has 1015 stores in 259 localities in 22 regions of Ukraine. An important feature is that 128 of them are open in the new concept, emphasized the General Director of the ATB Corporation Borys Markov.

In the first quarter of this year, the trade turnover of the ATB trading network was 28.3 billion UAH (VAT included), which is 22% more than the same period last year. The company saves the position of one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine. The enterprises of the ATB Group paid taxes and fees including customs duties and ERUs for a total amount of 2.76 billion UAH, 1.7 billion UAH of which were directed to the state budget, 0.61 billion UAH – to local budgets of different levels, 0.45 billion UAH – in trust funds. 

One of the priorities of the ATB Corporation is a socially responsible business. In particular, these are programs that address environmental issues. Since April of this year, ATB-Market has been moving to the implementation of packages with a biodegradable additive. The special addition of d2w™ affects the carbon compounds of the polymer, as a result of which, after a certain time interval, they are destroyed, activating the splitting of the polymer. The product made of it becomes fragile and quickly breaks into tiny pieces. The process of decomposition of the polymer is caused by any combination of high temperature, light and pressure, which act as catalysts and determine the rate and, accordingly, the time of decomposition.

The company began such experiment at the end of last year in some stores, and is currently ready to scale this environmental initiative to the entire distribution network. Simultaneously with the transition to packages with a biodegradable additive, ATB-Market has introduced eco-bags for consumer needs in stores. Also, since May 2019, the company has launched a pilot project for the introduction of paper shopping bags. Project testing for the implementation of paper bags in the stores of the ATB retail chain will run until the end of August 2019. 

Borys Markov believes that, despite the rapid development of online commerce, retailers are clearly aware of the value of physical stores, where not only all necessary services for customers should be created, but also an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and innovation in socially sensitive topics such as environmental concern.