ATB-2018: Year of Growth and Development

The expansion of the network provided a record turnover of 103.6 billion UAH for the 25-year history of the Corporation

For the largest national discounter the past year was marked by a number of record indicators. The network has been replenished with 80 new and 41 reconstructed stores, and as for the beginning of 2019, it has 990 trade enterprises in 253 cities and big towns in 22 regions of Ukraine. About 6 thousand work places are created.

The development of a complex logistics system, which includes interaction with regional manufacturers, its own distribution centers, an impressive fleet of vehicles with the necessary equipment to maintain temperature, its own quality departments, and much more, was continued. Today, the company owns one of the largest logistics infrastructures in Ukraine, which includes 8 class A multi-temperature centers that meet the highest requirements of modern commerce. The warehouse infrastructure serves all the stores of the ATB trading network, carrying out around the clock planning, organization and accounting of the movement of goods flows.  

The total turnover of distribution centers "ATB" is 6 thousand tons per day. 

The expansion of the network provided a record turnover of 103.6 billion UAH for the 25-year history of the Corporation (VAT included). Compared with 2017, the increase was 22%.

Accordingly, the consumer audience has also increased: more than 3.5 million Ukrainians make their purchases every day in the chain stores. A year earlier, it was about 3 million people. At the end of 2018, the Corporation also replenished budgets of various levels with an amount of UAH 9.4 billion (VAT included), which was paid in the form of various taxes and fees. The growth of deductions amounted to 30% of the 2017 level. This, in turn, made it possible to increase the volume of social programs implemented by the enterprise. The company expects to maintain such growth rates in all directions in 2019. This means that the network will once again be able to break its own records and gain a foothold in the position of the absolute leader in the industry.

But behind the impressive dynamics of linear development and expansion in the past year, new trends in the life of the largest trading network were also more clearly seen. In the modernized stores, advanced solutions in the field of retail, construction and energy saving were introduced. This includes the latest generation of refrigeration equipment, the latest LED lighting system, and modern heat insulation, heating and energy recovery systems. In addition, these markets have a lot of additional departments, which customers liked: their own pastries, fresh bars, coffee shop.

According to market experts, in 2019 the food retail sector is expected to see profound changes: large formats will slow down their development, discounters and “home stores” will continue to develop, retail outlets of specialized retailers such as eco-products, cheese, and beer will continue to develop. Experiments with digital technologies will gain momentum: self-checkout cash registers, payments via mobile terminals.

Last year in August, ATB opened the first Express store. The company notes that the new concept is designed specifically for the bedroom communities of large cities. The store is a kind of experimental platform where new trading solutions and services are tested for the company. ATB Express has installed the latest generation refrigeration and freezing equipment, the latest lighting, insulation, heating and energy recovery systems.

Borys Markov, General Director of ATB Corporation, believes that food retail is on the verge of profound changes and one of the leading activities of the Corporation in 2019 will be an active search, experimentation and introduction of new formats and approaches to the organization of trade.