ATB-Market installed Charity Shelves in stores to help socially disadvantaged groups

ATB Market, in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 and the announcement of a nationwide quarantine, launched the Charity Shelf project for low-income families, single elderly people and other socially unprotected layers of the population. 

The “Charity Shelf” enables the buyer (with his voluntary desire and on his own initiative) to purchase goods and leave them on the shelf as free assistance to those who need them most today. People who for some reason cannot afford to buy their own products can come up and get what they need for free.

«ATB Corporation, as a socially responsible business, has already provided UAH 100 million. for the implementation of a joint charity project with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine for targeted assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population in the form of grocery sets and everyday goods. Today, introducing charity programs and projects for especially vulnerable segments of the population, we urge Ukrainian business, all concerned citizens and customers of ATB chain stores to join our initiatives and provide support to those who, in the current circumstances, most need our help».
Borys Markov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of ATB Corporation

The ATB-Market company draws attention to the fact that it is not recommended to place alcohol or tobacco products, complex technical devices subject to warranty service, or perishable goods requiring special storage conditions on the Charity Shelf.

“Charity regiments” installed in 300 stores of the ATB distribution network in all regions of Ukraine.